Upgrading your KOOLGLIDE to
Model 100 Tool to a PRO or a PRO-W

KOOLGLIDE has recently introduced the PRO-W tool that has the L-M-H (LOW-MEDIUM-HIGH) settings activated for seaming carpet over wood.

You can maximize the use of your KOOLGLIDE by upgrading your Model 100 to a PRO, or a PRO-W. 

Simply contact us to arrange for the upgrade by calling the KOOLGLIDE service provider in your area.

  • For tools within the continental USA, call KOOLGLIDE at 888-486-6342.
  • For tools in Canada, call Canadian Industrial Distributors (CID) at 877-899-8114.

We will arrange to pick up the tool from you.  We will then upgrade, test and ship the upgraded tool back to you by UPS Ground within 10 business days.

The charge to upgrade from a Model 100 to a PRO is $45.00.
The charge to upgrade from a PRO to a PRO-W is $45.00.
The charge to upgrade from a Model 100 to a PRO-W is $70.00.

These charges include shipping and handling. There will be additional shipping charges for tools outside the continental USA. Payments must be made by credit card.