Having a Fan Problem?

If the fan in the KOOLGLIDE becomes blocked with carpet fibers, the fan can be cleaned using the following steps.

STEP 1   Unplug the tool.

STEP 2   Remove the 4 base screws from the tool case.

STEP 3   Turn the KOOLGLIDE tool over and turn the tool around. Gently lift the front of the tool case away from the base.

STEP 4   Using a hand-held vacuum, clean the exposed fan by vacuuming out the fibers. You can also remove the fibers with tweezers. Or, you can use canned air to blow out the blocked fibers.

STEP 5   Put the case back on the base by screwing the 4 base screws back in.

Important!If the activation light comes on but the fan has broken blades, the fan will need to be replaced. The KOOLGLIDE can operate for only a few minutes if the fan is not working. Using the tool without the fan operating will cause failure of the tool's electronic components.

Important!When repairing a fan, do not touch or remove any other components in the KOOLGLIDE tool. Doing so will void the warranty and may result in a hazard to the operator.

For technical assistance and repair, contact the KOOLGLIDE service provider in your area immediately to speak to an authorized KOOLGLIDE Service Technician.

  • For tools within the continental USA, call KOOLGLIDE at 888-486-6342
  • For tools in Canada, call Canadian Industrial Distributors (CID) at 877-899-8114
  • For tools in Australia and New Zealand, contact Nuplex Industries at +64-4-477-7030