The KOOLGLIDE carpet seaming tools work by generating a safe electromagnetic field beneath the tool to cause the foil in the seam tape to heat, melting the adhesive. Two tool models are available. The Model 100 uses a microprocessor to automatically adjust the strength of the radio frequency field to get consistent heating, regardless of carpet thickness (up to ¾ inch). The PRO allows more user control to compensate for different installation conditions.

MODEL 100 - SETTINGS   The KOOLGLIDE Model 100 has 4 settings on the top of the tool, L (LOW), M (MEDIUM), H (HIGH), and T (TRANSVERSE). For the Model 100 tool, the power settings L-M-H deliver the same amount of energy, and default to the LOW power setting.  The Model 100 is for use for carpet repairs and for normal residential uses over carpet pad.

MODEL PRO – SETTINGS  On the KOOLGLIDE PRO tool, the LOW setting is for normal carpet seaming at room temperature over a commercial carpet pad, the same as the default setting on the Model 100. The MEDIUM setting is for seaming over a thick seam board, or in cold room conditions. The HIGH setting is used for seaming carpet over bare concrete or to bond wood, ceramic, or vinyl base using the utility tape. When the PRO is set at the MEDIUM or HIGH setting, it adds 2 to 4 seconds to the activation cycle. That compensates for the heat loss caused by the bare concrete.

Important! Using the PRO tool on the HIGH setting over pad may cause the tape to discolor on the edges or may melt sections of the pad.